It’s always funny to me to observe and analyze the contrasts betwixt the life of your Sista and her Mista. Allow me to share an example with you.

Home from work, hauling Smiff Kids to and fro and doing Math homework this evening.  Tomorrow morning, I will rise a little later than the normal 5:30, do Mom sorts of things, throw a load of laundry in the machine, go take a Math test, and will be at the mercy of the Holy Tara, especially since this is her birthday weekend.  In other words, it’s all about her.  Every weekend must be a Holy Tara Weekend, oddly enough, cause it’s always about her.  (Maybe Queenie is a better name for her).

So what I’m saying is fun and leisure will be of the small for me this weekend.  Get me wrong, do not…I am not complaining about giving my brain a much needed and long overdue workout and I’m quite grateful for the chance to do so.

Take my Baby’s Daddy…Mr. Smiff is somewhere in Missouri tonight and tomorrow plays in Oklahoma somewhere.  Mr. Smiff will mesmerize his people with his amazing slap bass technique and harmonic acrobatics.  It is hard work traveling (sleeping in a bus is sleeping in a bus) and it’s hard for him to be away from home so often, blah blah. 

I find it a little hard to feel sarry for him having to rise at a rather early hour tomorrow because he will be a guest in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Garth Yearwood for breakfast early.  Hmmph.  Just for that, I’m going to live on the edge and go to Chik Fil A and get one of those biscuits with egg, cheese and bacon AND get some coffee. 

I wonder what the Brooks’/Yearwoods will  serve?  Maybe some Lucky Charms?  Pop Tarts? Toaster Strudel? I’ll let you know what they eat.