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Happy Birthday today to the Holy Tara.  14??? 

We spent the better part of the afternoon Saturday getting the Birthday Girl a new hairdo. 09-08-07_15111.jpg Benjamin, the Hair Guy, just happens to be a makeup artist as well and well, he just couldn’t resist the opportunity to make the HT up before she went to celebrate with her friends.  09-08-07_1520.jpg 

The new hairdo is a bit dramatic, but, its fittin’ for her, I think.  09-08-07_1534.jpg She can wear it up or down and it will show off the different colors if it’s up than when it’s down.

I hauled these girls to the movies and back.  tara-girls.jpgThis is a lively quartet.  On the way to the movie theater, we passed the skate park and there were boys and the girls rolled the windows down, hooped and hollered.  Within seconds, Dallas’ (second from left and made me think of Ivy with her “Yo’s” and “Man’s”) phone rings and it was her feller saying “Was that y’all?”  Roaring laughter ensued and I got a real kick out of the whole scene.

In the process of driving the girls, I had the opportunity to give some good advice about the menfolk.  HT’s best friend, Shelbi had a boyfriend over the summer.  The ex-boyfriend happens to be a former neighbor and I’ve known him since he was a wee little lad.  The ex-boyfriend unceremoniously dumped Shelbi right before school started, giving her a strong dose of reality about males. She was pretty tore up.  Yes, I know this is a 14 year old girl I’m talking about and to say “Love” is probably a bit strong, but, you remember what 14 is like.

So anyway, these girls saw the Ex-Boyfriend at the movie theater with his girlfriend (who he dated before Shelbi) and apparently, they were acting like, well, 14 year old girls…giggly, silly, and loud.  On the way home from the movie theater, Shelbi gets a text message …”Oh mah gawsh! It’s him.”  The Ex-boyfriend said “Y’all were being a-holes” or something really powerful like that. 

I intervened and said “Don’t text him back. It will make him crazy.  Watch.”  A few minutes go by and he texts again and said “You could at least give me the common courtesy and reply.” Heh.    “Your mom is cool, yo” said Dallas.

tara-14.jpgI think the new ‘do is smashing. Don’t tell her this, but, the darker hair…makes her look more like me.   Hee.

Hope In Saving Grace

Bro. Glenn is not doing so well. I tried to tell somebody yesterday one of the reasons why I love this man and I couldn’t tell it without getting emotional. It’s heavy on my mind and heart and don’t have anything heavy to say about other than pray for Bro. Glenn and his family.