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Riding The A Train

Now that my brain is beginning to function somewhat like a normal person, I’m finding myself doing things.  All sorts of things.   I didn’t take a nap yesterday or today.  I had gotten REALLY fond of napping.  Another faboo plus to this thing is I have virtually NO appetite. 

I had a moment yesterday that I don’t quite know how to describe, but, it was rather epiphanous (is that a word? If it isn’t, it should be) and it all has to do with the miracle drug, Adderall.  

I took my first Math test yesterday morning.  I don’t know what I got on it, but, I *think* I did ok on it.  There was a bonus question at the end, a lengthy word problem.  It took me awhile to do it.  I looked at it and made a little attempt at it and thought “Pssht…I can’t do this. It’s bonus anyway” and then that other side of the brain said “No m’am.  You will figure that sumbitch out!”  I bet I spent 15 minutes or more on that one problem, but, by gosh, by golly, I did it.  I didn’t get distracted by all the people coming in and out of the New Skills center.  I was into this word problem.

In sitting down doing this test with numbers and things that look like (35) (75) x 14-22, was like being in Marty McFly’s time machine.  I had an episode of “Sista Collie-9th Grader” flash before my eyes.  I can remember sitting in class at Northside Jr. High (now Brentwood Middle) and Brentwood High School, with a ditto sheet in front of me (remember those?) of math problems and trying to work it and not having the ability to put it all through my head.  I was good for the first 15 seconds of the math problem, but, after that, it was time to move on to the next one.   I don’t know if that makes any sense, it’s a little hard to explain what it’s like being weird this way. 

I’ve felt like a different person the last few days.  It’s kinda like when you get new glasses and you notice shingles on a roof for the first time.  It’s exhilarating and emotional at the same time.  I tried to explain it to Mr. Smiff this morning and got all teary.  It’s very cool and all and you find yourself wondering why all the counselors and other experts I’ve been to through the years never caught on to this.  Then again, the journey all these years has been invaluable.  Perhaps I wouldn’t have developed coping skills had I been medicated?  Perhaps I’d be a different, less charming gal?

The fun part, too, of this little trip is the finding things I haven’t seen inawhile.  I found some cute shoes I bought in the spring a couple days before I started work. I think I wore them once.  Why did I only wear them once? Because they got buried amongst the mounds of crap in my budoir.  The Crap is not quite so scary to dig into.  Maybe it’s psychosomatic or the Placebo effect but I’m feeling good.


You can finally download Bobbie Gentry stuff!! I’ve been waiting for this for three years. ‘Bout time. Now, go download ya some Bobbie. NOW!  Besides the obvious, Ode To Billie Joe, it would behoove you to look into Chickasaw County Line, Mississippi Delta, Mean Stepmama Blues…eh…all of it.

Bobbie…come out, come out wherever you are!

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