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In The Pages of a Magazine

Who is in the current issue of VIP Magazine?  Your Sista  that’s who!

That cute feller there is my Buddy-For-Life, Patrick, taken at our 20 year reunion in July. 

Safe At Home

glennweekleycasual.jpgBro. Glenn slipped away peacefully this morning at 8:30.  What a great man.  I’m so thankful that God allowed him into our lives.  I bet he’s having a ball breaking in that brand new, perfect body about now.

**An article here from the FBC website about Bro. Glenn’s life and accomplishments.

Jane Wyman

In The Cool Cool Cool of the Evening Bing Crosby Jane Wyman

Late Sunday night, I was going through the DVR showing Mr. Smiff stuff I had recorded while he’d been gone. That’s what we do for fun. Exciting, ain’t it?

Anyway, I was going through the list and I pulled up “Here Comes The Groom” and fast forwarded to the part where Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman sing “In The Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening”, which is one of my favorite songs of that era. Bing always sings great, but, who knew Jane was a singer? She actually started her career as a singer on radio. They were adorable onscreen and the singing was fab.

To say one is surprised to hear that a 93 year old has passed away would not be correct, but, it was rather ironic to hear yesterday that Jane had passed away that morning after we had just been talking about her.  :Insert Twilight Zone music here.:

I talk about here quite a bit my fondness for old movies and that my television is most often tuned to TCM. Jane Wyman is one of my favorite actresses from the 40’s and 50’s. I loved her in “The Yearling”, “Magnificent Obsession” and even in “Pollyanna.” She won an Oscar for a role in which she didn’t even speak a word, in “Johnny Belinda.” She played a deaf, mute, rape victim. She was nominated several times for other roles. I think she was a wonderful actress. She really is one of the last of that golden era of Hollywood. Not many of them left.

I am wondering if part of Ronald Reagan’s attraction to Nancy Reagan was her physical similarites to Jane.  He was pretty tore up when Jane divorced him.  Nancy said in her autobiography that Jane really intimidated her. I can see why.  She intimdated me as Aunt Polly!