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Sista’s Laboratory

I’m getting into a groove of sorts with the school thing.  I’ve been studying every night and I’m even beginning to get more comfortable with lab.  We looked at a fetal pig tonight and saw all the organs and stuff.  Pretty doggone cool.  We looked at the heart, lungs, and trachea of a lamb the other night so we could see what a serous membrane looks like.

I got my grade on my Math test I took last week and I did ok.  I got that dang Bonus question right.  Glad I spent that extra 20 minutes figuring that sucker out.  I have to get a C in both of these classes.  So far, I’m doing that.  That A & P stuff is fantastically interesting, but, there’s so much of it.  All the different transverse and midsaggital planes ,cavities, pericardiums, arterioles, cells, and various oses’….lots o’stuff.

Two new things I learnt in A & P this week…one, the word retroperitoneal.  More importantly, I learned from the A & P teacher that DUNKIN DONUTS is coming to Long Hollow Pike!

Hunka Hunka


Will the real Elvis please stand up?

The one in the middle does the Lip the best.  But that’s just me. 

I Looked Over Jordan and What Did I See…

I’ve been to the funeral home a jillion times to pay respects to various people through the years. I’ve stood at caskets of music legends and those who were not music legends.  I’ve stood at caskets of saints, sinners, believers and unbelievers.  Oddly enough, I’ve only been at caskets of my uncle Jack and Mr. Smiff’s grandmother, in terms of family members.  I’ve heard lots of wonderful stories from deathbeds and last moments.  I’m sure some question how anything from a deathbed can be wonderful, but, that’s the beauty of knowing Christ. 

I saw something at the casket of Glenn Weekley that I have never seen ever in my life….he had a smile on his face.  Not a grinning from ear to ear kinda smile, but, a contented, peaceful smile.  I’ve heard of that, but, have never seen it with my own eyes. Even more amazing is this man had been so sick this last month and I’m sure in a great deal of pain.
I had heard from an email my church sent that even though Bro. Glenn had been unresponsive since last Wednesday when he went into cardiac arrest, that just before he died, he opened his eyes.  His family was able to talk to him and then he blinked his eyes at them (my dad did the same thing to let me know he knew I was there during his last hours) and then he was gone.  I can’t help but think that this dear man of God could see with his own eyes the beauty and glory of the Savior he served for so many years. 

That, my friends, is why those of us who believe….believe.   It’s not about whether abortion is right, whether homosexuals are born or created, the woman’s place in the church.  It’s about the hope of eternal life.  That’s it.  We may tend to bring our own “stuff” into it, but, that is so not what Christianity is about.

  Life is full of pure crap at times.  There are things that happen around here that we aren’t going to understand.  We’re going to have bad things happen to us. No place in the Bible says we are guaranteed “happiness” or an easy ride.  In James it says “WHEN faced with trials or tribulations”, not “If”. We have to have something to hold onto…the hope  that this is not all there is.  I know myself, I’d have gone nuts a time or two had I not had that.

  Even in death, Bro. Glenn offered us a beautiful picture…still leading his flock and teaching. What a guy.