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But, I’m A Really Good Speller

I had a plan.  The teens/computer hogs were out last night at the Station Camp/Beech game.  (Station Camp won! Undefeated).  I was going to watch my video math lessons on simplifying fractions, do the two remaining pages of my math assignment that were supposed to be turned in today. No big whoop, right? No.

My antique computer that is circling the drain decided it wasn’t in the mood to load the video.  The Manchild was not here to assist his retarded dedicated mother and the cats were no help.  No problem…I’ll go to school Saturday morning, watch it, do the problems, turn in my work, be back home by 10:30.  Heh.

The New Skills thing is only open til 12:30 on Saturdays.  They had to kick me out.  I got help from the instructor on duty, this big ol’ Harley Rider looking guy showed me a really easy way to do it.  I was near tears at this point (I get that way when I’m mad or really frustrated. Hate that).  I understood how this number divides into that number, yet all the many steps to get to said number were still totally confusing to me. 

The Fraction Funpalooza continued into the night when my mother in law was trying to help me figure these dang fraction things out.  Nephew Smiff that’s good at math stuff had the nerve to go somewhere tonight and Manchild had some important guitar playing to do so me and Hazel were somewhat like “Lucy & Ethel Do Math”.  Actually, Hazel is good at that sorta thing.

I called Mr. Smiff on the phone and said “Ok Mr. “I’m Good At Fractions” and got him to help me from the Mayberry’s Finest Bus with some Grascal passing gas in the background.  Nephew Smiff soon showed up and we worked through some more and dangalanga-bing-bong….

I do believe I can say with all certainty, that I am a true Fractionista.  Tee Hee. Take that, Mrs. Satterfield.

I Arta Be In Pictures

Of things that are technical in nature,  there are things I can figure out.  Then, there are others I can’t.  This is one of those things and I’m sure it’s probably very simple and the answer is right in front of my face.

Re: The picture of me on the blog.  Now, it’s  an ok picture.  It’s kinda a fun picture because Newscoma and Smilin’ McCeemy (didn’t he play fiddle with Porter Wagoner) are on the other side of the picture.  In fact, that was the first time I met Newscoma and a bunch of other people.  That was a fun night.

I want to change the picture on the front page of Yours Truly.  It’s not that I don’t like the picture.  I like it fine.  It’s kindly cool that my Bro. Cee’s  acromial and thoracic areas are spotlighted so beautifully in my blog pictures. (Spraying y’all with some A & P terms there.  Impressed? Say you are to humor me).  The only thing with this picture is it’s over a year old.

I uploaded another picture and put it on my profile, but, all that did was put it as an avatar when I post elsewhere.  How do I make it my main picture?

Oh and just so those of you who haven’t been around long can see….here’s the whole shot. blogger-thang.jpg  We look sorta like Tony Orlando & Dawn.  No…Cee & Sugar.