Of things that are technical in nature,  there are things I can figure out.  Then, there are others I can’t.  This is one of those things and I’m sure it’s probably very simple and the answer is right in front of my face.

Re: The picture of me on the blog.  Now, it’s  an ok picture.  It’s kinda a fun picture because Newscoma and Smilin’ McCeemy (didn’t he play fiddle with Porter Wagoner) are on the other side of the picture.  In fact, that was the first time I met Newscoma and a bunch of other people.  That was a fun night.

I want to change the picture on the front page of Yours Truly.  It’s not that I don’t like the picture.  I like it fine.  It’s kindly cool that my Bro. Cee’s  acromial and thoracic areas are spotlighted so beautifully in my blog pictures. (Spraying y’all with some A & P terms there.  Impressed? Say you are to humor me).  The only thing with this picture is it’s over a year old.

I uploaded another picture and put it on my profile, but, all that did was put it as an avatar when I post elsewhere.  How do I make it my main picture?

Oh and just so those of you who haven’t been around long can see….here’s the whole shot. blogger-thang.jpg  We look sorta like Tony Orlando & Dawn.  No…Cee & Sugar.