Nothing heavy or exciting to whiff on y’all today.  Tuesday is my long-ass day cause I’m at school til 9:30.  This week’s quiz in Lab is on cell permeability.  ZZZZZZZZ

I do, however, have a song recommendation for you. Because I’ve drifted into Earbud Land in order to save my sanity at work, I spend most of the day with music in my ears and it’s wonderful. 

I’ve been listening to The Pointer Sisters’ Fairytale over and over ALL day.  What a great record.  Go find it on Itunes or wherever you get your music.  Just do it and report back to me.

It ain’t nothing like “The Neutron Dance” fo sho. I can remember this playing on Country radio like crazy when I was really little.  It’s wonderful.  I met Anita Pointer once.  A big ol tall gull, as Granny Boone would say.