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Thoughts & Prayers

Big hugs and shouts of love to Hairl Hensley, currently of Sirius radio, but, for bazillions of years of WSM Radio and one of the voices of the Grand Ole Opry is recovering from a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery.  From what I understand, Hairl’s had a rough time.

The sound of Hairl Hensley’s voice, to me, is as comforting and warm as a first cup of morning coffee.  Hairl just has “Home” written all over him.  I imagine had I ever moved away from Nashville, the sound of his voice would’ve made me homesick.  Hairl is definitely one of the nice guys of Nashville.

2007- A Smiff Oddity

Something odd and unusual is happening this weekend at the Smiff House.  It’s so highly unusual, I don’t even know what to make of it?  Can you guess what it is? 

Mr. Smiff is home.  No Opry. No nothing except helping me with my Math homework. I don’t think he’s had a free weekend since probably April.

Speaking of school, I have my first exam in two weeks.  It is on the same night as the IBMA awards which means, I can’t skip the A & P exams to go to the awards.  It also means I have to do some serious studying to do this next coupla weeks.  I’m good on the body parts and cavities, it’s that #@*&! Chemistry stuff that I find to be something akin to trying to understand Swahili.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about having Mr. Smiff underfoot all weekend.  Any suggestions?