Lots of celebrity deaths of late and I know it seems I get a happy about stuff like this, but, that’s not so.  Especially to hear the latest celebrity passing of the brilliant character actress Alice Ghostley.  Loved her in Bewitched as Esmerelda, Mrs. Murdock in Grease, and especially as Bernice on Designing Women. (Remember Bernice wearing the tree skirt that one of the girls had given her for Christmas?!?!  HAHAHAHHAHA!)  That’s only a smidgen of her very long career.  Interesting trivia…her film debut was in To Kill a Mockingbird. 

I believe other than the twins that played Tabitha, Dr. Bombay (Bernard Fox) is the only one from the Bewitched cast still kicking.

I learned this from Danny Miller’s fabulously wonderful blog.  His blog, to me, is like porn.  He has a post today about a Rogers & Hammerstein Film Festival that’s going on right now in Los Angeles that makes me foam at the mouth with jealousy.  I can’t imagine having something that wonderful to go to.

Another obit of note today is the passing of Rex Humbard.   Rex was one of the pioneers of televangelism and something else interesting about him is he preached Elvis’ funeral.