I’m really, really sad to hear that Bob McLean was found dead this morning, of an apparent suicide

Bob McLean was a good guy.  Yeah, he messed up, but, he was not a bad guy.  He was a friend to the Smiffs and me and Mr. Smiff will never forget a kindness he showed to us a few years back.  He was a very good pal of Hazel’s and this is going to devastate her.  He was also a good friend to country music.  I took this picture of her, nephew Jeremy, Buddy Killen and Bob a little over a year ago in August 2006.  Amazing both Buddy and Bob are gone.

The whole thing is very, very sad. Sad that he got caught up in whatever he got caught up in and lost people’s money, but, even sadder he felt like he couldn’t face another day because of it.   Nobody comes out a winner in this situation. I’m sure the Media hype did not help a bit in this whole thing.

Years ago, I worked with Teddy Turner.  Teddy Turner as in son of Ted.  I will never forget something he said to me about having money.  As young and stupid as I was, amazing it sunk in, but, it really stuck with me….I was saying something stupid like “Wow it must be kewl to have all that money” (I didn’t say that but it was along that line) and he said “Well, when you have money, you have a whole other set of problems.”  

Funny…I say I worked “with” Teddy.  HA! I answered the phone and we worked for the same company (the old CMT before it was bigtime).  He was the nicest guy…very down to earth, great sense of humor, no airs about him at all.  Wonder where he is?