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Old Hickory Takes Us By Surprise


Look who we happened to bump into at Daniel Smith Days today!  Considering their advanced age, I think Andy and Rachel are looking utterly smashing! #2 and I had a ball out at Rock Castle today.  #2 enjoyed it so much, he wants to go back tomorrow.  I wasn’t sure if it would hold his interest or not, but, he dug it.  He said to me “Y’know…the olden times weren’t so bad!” (Look how into he was with having his picture made with Andrew Jackson!)

 We learned a lot about Daniel Smith, who was the guy who built this house in the 1790’s, before Tennessee was even a state.  He’s also the guy who named Tennessee.  Pretty. Dang. Cool. He was a doctor, but, was most noted for his work as a surveyor and map maker. 

 Rock Castle is one of those wonderful treasures we overlook and it’s practically in our backyard.  It is, literally, at the dead end of Indian Lake Rd.  The event continues tomorrow and it’s worth going to.  Kids under 12 get in free.  Admission for adults is $7. 

I was really impressed with the people doing the re-enacting.  Boy, they are serious about it!  The guy who showed us how they made fire said they had been out there since Thursday and they’d stay out there all the time if they’d let them. 

I only saw one person I knew out there and I managed succesfully to avoid them.  This woman was a co-worker of mine 10 years ago.  She had a name sorta like a famous lawyer.  Not exactly like it, but sorta.  Every single call she took, she would tell every customer her name and add “Just like the lawyer” at the end of it.  (I’m not putting the name here cause she’s the type that would look herself up on Google).  She was a self-proclaimed “Right Wing Nut” whose car was a walking advertisment for the Anti-Abortion movement.  It probably had 50 bumper stickers on it.  I used to take much delight in getting her all mad when I’d argue Barbra Stresiand with her.  Hee.

She was really OCD too, which made for a lot of office fun.  She would eat M & M’s and arrange them on her desk by color.  One time, she had gotten up from her desk and Mike, the boss, went and mixed all her M&M’s up.  I thought she was going to have a stroke.

Anyway….we had a fun time going back in time. More pictures over there on the Flickr.>>>>>

Smile From The Inside Out-Fun With Porter & Dolly

Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner

From Dolly’s tv show in 1987, this was the first time she and Porter had sung together since their breakup in 1974. I have a newspaper clipping I had kept from this.  It was a big deal ’cause lots of people thought it would never happen.  It’s happened a number of times since then, but, this is so wonderful, I had to post it.

I can remember the late Johnny Russell telling about being there when Porter and Dolly first rehearsed this before the taping and that you could see Dolly’s goosebumps.  Great stuff.