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A Modern Day Warrior

Let’s talk some Tom Sawyer, shall we?

Tom Sawyer has made a triumphant return to our house.  He showed up awhile back, briefly, when the Manchild first started his Heavy Metal Odyssey and discovered the Rush song of the same title.

Tom made another appearance a couple weeks back when #2 had read a condensed/reading level appropriate version at school a couple weeks back.  He was into the story, the characters, etc.  I made the comment I needed to rent the movie from Netflix that Holy Tara watched over and over and over about 10 years ago, starring Johnny Whitaker as Tom and Jodie Foster as Becky Thatcher. Oh lordy, that child watched that movie a million times.  We’d rent it weekly from Blockbuster (pre-dvd and it was no longer available on VHS) and she’d sing those songs constantly. 

A few days after that, I woke early and whaddya know, the Retro channel was showing Tom Sawyer. I was able to record it and #2 digs it.  He was particularly interested in Injun Joe killing that guy.  Isn’t that great?!?!? My kid likes murder.

Another coolish thing about it is that Holy Tara has watched it several times and praise the Lord got the book and is reading it for AR at school.  She does not like to read AT ALL. 

We may have found a formula in getting her to read books that are also movies.  Next up on the list to read is “To Kill A Mockingbird.”  She watched that movie with me when she was about 5 and she LOVED it  Why didn’t we think of this before?

Back to Tom Sawyer…I’m sure there were probably more critically acclaimed versions of the movie made, but, I just adore this one.  Probably because I adore Johnny Whitaker.  Maybe it’s cause he was Jody on Family Affair   or cause he was in Sigmund and the Sea Monsters  but I LOVE Johnny Whitaker.  (Yes…I had a Mrs. Beasley doll.  Did you?) Buffy was big with the Collie Girls.  We called (and still to this day) ponytails like Buffy wore “Buffy Tails.” 

Uncle Bill was the hottest uncle in town who knew how to tell about the birds and the bees! I always wanted big door knobs like Uncle Bill’s doors to his bachelor pad.

Family Affair also had the coolest opening credits ever, didn’t they?

Johnny ended up being a productive member of society and currently hosts a radio show in LA.  I believe he teaches acting and makes appearances at tv conventions and stuff.  Thing is, as good a kid actor as he was, I’m sure his ability didn’t magically disappear when he turned 21.  I bet he’d be great in some sort of character role with a face like that.  I think his old screen partner (to whom Big John gave her first screen kiss to) Jodie Foster oughta demand he be in one of her movies.  I want some Johnny Whitaker, by golly!

Oh yeah…This was supposed to be a post glorifying Tom Sawyer…get this movie for your kids. (Adderall only lasts about 12 hours, y’all) I promise they’ll be all up in the story.  The songs (written by the Sherman Brothers who wrote the songs for Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) are great and Johnny along with Celeste Holm, Jodie Foster and Warren Oates bring it to life.

Oh and don’t forget…EVERY little boy can be President! (You Tube didn’t have any clips of Tom and Huck singing “Gratifaction”, dangit) This clip makes me laugh so hard I need to pee.  “Abe-abe-Abraham…”. 

Alice (And Rex) Don’t Live Here Anymore

Lots of celebrity deaths of late and I know it seems I get a happy about stuff like this, but, that’s not so.  Especially to hear the latest celebrity passing of the brilliant character actress Alice Ghostley.  Loved her in Bewitched as Esmerelda, Mrs. Murdock in Grease, and especially as Bernice on Designing Women. (Remember Bernice wearing the tree skirt that one of the girls had given her for Christmas?!?!  HAHAHAHHAHA!)  That’s only a smidgen of her very long career.  Interesting trivia…her film debut was in To Kill a Mockingbird. 

I believe other than the twins that played Tabitha, Dr. Bombay (Bernard Fox) is the only one from the Bewitched cast still kicking.

I learned this from Danny Miller’s fabulously wonderful blog.  His blog, to me, is like porn.  He has a post today about a Rogers & Hammerstein Film Festival that’s going on right now in Los Angeles that makes me foam at the mouth with jealousy.  I can’t imagine having something that wonderful to go to.

Another obit of note today is the passing of Rex Humbard.   Rex was one of the pioneers of televangelism and something else interesting about him is he preached Elvis’ funeral.

Thoughts & Prayers

Big hugs and shouts of love to Hairl Hensley, currently of Sirius radio, but, for bazillions of years of WSM Radio and one of the voices of the Grand Ole Opry is recovering from a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery.  From what I understand, Hairl’s had a rough time.

The sound of Hairl Hensley’s voice, to me, is as comforting and warm as a first cup of morning coffee.  Hairl just has “Home” written all over him.  I imagine had I ever moved away from Nashville, the sound of his voice would’ve made me homesick.  Hairl is definitely one of the nice guys of Nashville.

2007- A Smiff Oddity

Something odd and unusual is happening this weekend at the Smiff House.  It’s so highly unusual, I don’t even know what to make of it?  Can you guess what it is? 

Mr. Smiff is home.  No Opry. No nothing except helping me with my Math homework. I don’t think he’s had a free weekend since probably April.

Speaking of school, I have my first exam in two weeks.  It is on the same night as the IBMA awards which means, I can’t skip the A & P exams to go to the awards.  It also means I have to do some serious studying to do this next coupla weeks.  I’m good on the body parts and cavities, it’s that #@*&! Chemistry stuff that I find to be something akin to trying to understand Swahili.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about having Mr. Smiff underfoot all weekend.  Any suggestions?

Nice Work, Dude

If Jake Byrd shows up at everything we are sure to endure with this latest round of OJ kaka, then I’ll be able to tolerate it.

Notice the lawyer’sch lischp…?  Shishter?  Do you hear that?

Mr. Smiff Meets Roscoe

Because I was busy dining with my good friends Busy Mom and CLC, I missed a phone call from Mr. Smiff telling two important things:

One…#2 went to the dentist.  No cavities.  That is a miracle upon miracles.

Two…Mr. Smiff and Uncle Bobo (aka Terry Eldredge) will appear on the John Boy and Billy Show next Wednesday (September 26) and it’s not necessarily to sing.  I think they’ll play music from their cds (I think this is correct) but they’re going to have both Terry’s facing off in an Andy Griffith Trivia contest.  This is the cool part….Terry Eldredge’s partner will be Betty Lynn aka “Thelma Lou” and my Terry’s partner will be James Best aka Roscoe P. Coltrane and Jim Lindsey.  (I’m pretty good at Mayberry trivia but didn’t know til about 5 minutes ago that Jim Lindsey and Roscoe were the same guy. Der. In my defense, I was not a Dukes of Hazard viewer)

Check your local listings to see when JB & B are on in your area.  This should be fun.  Mr. Smiff almost had a twinge of excitement in his voice when telling it.  Almost.

Oh and B-Mo and Cee…I found my extra cool cd I burned this morning.  Where was it?  Still in the car. 

Because I’m On Top of Important Issues…

ellen0508.jpgHas anybody noticed that Ellen is not on Channel 4 anymore?  I mean, do we REALLY need another hour of “Today?”