Overheard from Mr. Smiff helping #2 with his Math homework….. 

“Demosthenees had a bag of pebbles when the sun came up.  He put 17 pebbles in his mouth, then there were 47 pebbles left in the bag.  How many pebbles were in the bag when the sun came up?”

I heard him try to pronounce that name and then he said “Why don’t they use ‘Fred’ or ‘Sam?  I have never known anybody named Demosthenes!” 

I then broke into a gut splitting laughter that lasted about 5 minutes.  I couldn’t stop laughing at the name used in the problem.  How in the world do they expect 4th graders to pronounce that name?   

I also couldn’t stop laughing at the problem itself.  The public schools are encouraging children to put pebbles in their mouths????

Now…is this little passage one of THE Demosthenes works?  If so, yay, but, they could’ve said in parentheses “Hey, this was a famous, Greek orator”.  Never mind it’s math.  I can appreciate including names of other ethnic backgrounds, but, for the love of Aristotle Onassis, use a name a 9 year old can freakin’ pronounce whilst trying to figure out their homework.  Sheesh. It’s hard enough to keep their attention on the work and then you have your crazy parents…one, your dad being totally appalled at the use of a mile long name that nobody’s ever heard of and your mother having a near hernia from laughing so loud and hard at it.

Oh…I found my wandering Itunes files. They were just getting comfortable in their new F drive.