And who am I pulling for on Dancing With The Stars?  Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this one out, does it?
Of course, it’s my girl Marie.   Did you see Donny and Jimmy in the audience cheering her on?  Anytime an Osmond is competing in something, your Sista will be cheering for them. Besides her being an Osmond, I think it’s great she’s getting on there, with 50 on the horizon, she’s been through a lot of emotional stuff, and she’s not in the best shape of her life.  Although she’s got experience in learning dance routines and stuff, it’s been awhile since she’s used those chops but something about her being on there is very inspiring.  I dig it.

I always dig Wayne Newton (egads…his face! What has he done to it?) but I think he’s next to be sent back to Vegas. Remember when he looked like this?wayne.jpg

Along that same line…remember when Kenny Rogers looked like this? rogersscooter.jpg

And when Dolly Parton looked like this? dolly.jpg

Just stop it people.  Stop! No more knives.