A couple months ago, I posted about a friend of mine who is trying to find a sweet dog a home.  She thought she had found him a home a time or two and it just fell through.  She asked me again if I would come to you, picture-456.jpgthe blogworld, and see if we can’t place this dog. 

Brittney used to post things like this and the dogs usually found a home pretty quickly.  If you know anybody in the picture-457.jpgmarket for a good dog, please let them know about Sammy.

I will be more than happy to hook you up with Cherry and she can tell you how you can make Sammy part of your family.

The reason I can’t take him?  I have two dogs, two cats and don’t pay the attention to them that I should.  Cherry herself is a multi-dog owner.  This is a good dog, who deserves somebody who can spend time with him.  Sammy is a year or so old.