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Year of the Grascal (Again)


Yeah,baby.  Once again, I get to sleep with the IBMA Entertainer of the Year…or one of them anyway. 

And how grand is it that two incredible singing Bradleys won the Female and Male Vocalist award?  Bradley Walker (who was the first guy to christen Knuck’s  ramp at the Mothership) and Dale Ann Bradley.  I fantasize that I sing as good as Dale Ann.  How wonderful for them.

Perhaps the number one thing I hate I didn’t get to witness was my Terry, Terry Eldredge and Jimmy Mattingly’s hillbilly-fever.jpgformer boss, Sonny Osborne, grascals-and-sonny.jpgpresent the award to them.  As teary as I get these days, it’s prolly a good thing.  I mighta sonny.jpgembarrassed them all.  (How bout that, Raymond E?)


As I was on my way to school tonight, #2 was on his way to the Opry House for the International Bluegrass Music Awards.  He was pumped. 

The tie was his idea.  He calls them “Wear-a-Tie” shirts. 

The Lab exam was very hard.  I hope I passed.  It was reallllly hard.  I am tired. So very tired. I’ve been pretty uptight the last few days and boy howdy, that makes a soul tired. 

I’m wishing about now that I had taken tomorrow off. 

Crazy Days and Thursdays Always Get Me Down

I kinda hate I won’t be able to be at the IBMA awards tonight because of the great photo ops. I hate to miss big family events.  All three kids are going to the show.  They wouldn’t miss it.  I’m tickled they’re that interested and get to experience a lot of the same things I experienced as a kid.   Same time, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about what to wear.  Then again, it’s a big deal and I’ll miss it…on the other hand, awards shows are long, tedious and make me nervous.  I can’t even think about if The Grascals will win or not win.  Of course, I hope they do, but, I can’t think about it cause I have to think about Pseudostratified Columnar Cells.  (Shishter…you hear that?!?! That one’s fun to say). I do think XM Radio is broadcasting the show again this year and my friends over at The Bluegrass Blog will be liveblogging the event.

I’m frustrated about the Lab exam  tonight.  50% of it is identifying certain tissues, cells, their function, location, etc. We didn’t start that til last week and unlike everything else, he breezed through that.  It’s nuts.  I’ve stayed up very late the last two nights studying. 

The Manchild helped me study last night and it was quite comical.  Too bad a video camera wasn’t going.  He kept calling me “Trevor” cause my attention would sometimes wander.  That big boy of mine is a hilarious person.  How odd to have your spawn calling out your study material to you.   He really was helpful.  Thing is, he hasn’t had Chemistry yet, but, most of that stuff was as simple to him as me reading about Hollywood movie stars. Amazing.  He explained and helped me understand 4x, 10x, 40x magnification on the microscope. 

I decided about 1:00 this morning, I can’t worry and stress about this exam.  I’ll just go in there, do the best I can and move on to the next thing.  I have to remind myself that I started this college thing in one of the harder classes a person can take.  I’m doing ok.

You should see the bags under my eyes, though.  They can carry groceries.