This show celebrated its 50th birthday this week.  beaver-and-wally.jpgTvLand is celebrating with a marathon this weekend.

Beaver was one of the first old shows I remember watching in reruns.  I was nuts about Beaver, Wally, Eddie Haskell, Lumpy and all of them.  I really liked Lumpy’s dad, who was so marvelously played by the late Richard Deacon.  “Clarence!” 

We see Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley (who is 91!) and Ken Osmond a lot, but, I want to know where the heck is Larry Mondello, Mary Ellen Rodgers and Miss Landers?  What about Judy?  I think Whitey died.  Gilbert became an award winning documentary film maker. Jerry Mathers was recently on Broadway in Hairspray.

I know Barbara Billingsley made most of our lives miserable thinking that married life and motherhood would be like June Cleaver, but, I think she redeemed herself when she spoke jive in Airplane.

That picture up there of Beaver reminds me a ton of my Cousin Wayne when he was a little feller.   colliewayne.jpg