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What’s In A Name

Last week, a laughter ruckus began over the use of a strange name in #2’s homework.

It happened again this evening.  This time it was “Robill and Buray.”  Once again, Mr. Smiff said the same “Why don’t they use Sam or Fred?” It was like listening to an audio of last week.  This really irritates him.

I said to Mr. Smiff, “I suppose you want them to use names like those of people you knew back in North Carolina…like ‘Wakey’, ‘Cosmo’ (Cosmo is not just a character on Seinfeld, no sirree.  Mr. Smiff had a great uncle named Cosmo and another’n named “Elmo”.)  ‘Verly’ (as in “Verily, verily, I say unto thee” per the good ol’ King James version. The person claimed he had a “Biblical” name.) We can’t forget his Uncle Penn (not the same character in Bill Monroe’s signature song) or his Uncle Daniel Boone…His cousin, lovingly nicknamed “Stain”…doesn’t take much imagination to figure out whence that one came from.

Now, it isn’t right for me to laugh at the funny names on his side of the tree.  I’ve got a few myself…we have a “Nootsie”, “Tee Wee”, “By-ee”, Lady…The Engineering Brother In Law has about 20 “Aunt Gladys'”.  There’s at least 2 of every name on my dad’s side of the family and even more in some names….Two Joys, two Sandra’s, two Sharon’s, two Junes, two Tyler Smith’s, two Trevor’s, two Sharon Smith’s, two Terry Smith’s…it’s kindly insane.  That’s ok cause we aren’t exactly a normal sorta family.


I’m starting to wonder if perhaps, maybe I should consider the Journalism/Communications program instead of Nursing?  Maybe I just need to quit reading Nursing Blogs. 

Feeling the weight of trying to work full time, manage a family and do this school thing, big time today.  I know I can do it, but, the word “overwhelmed” keeps popping into my head.