Thursday has rolled around again and I have yet another exam tonight.  In order to keep my sanity and a reminder that I musn’t take myself too seriously, I rely on my old pal, Pee Wee to help me keep things in persective.

I still love Pee Wee Herman. I especially love Paul Reubens and am glad to see him circulating on tv again. I heard him say on Kimmel that he’s going to be a regular on Pushing Up Daisies.

I liked to have wet myself last season when he was on 30 Rock.

Not to belabor his past discretions (which, really, considering stuff other celebrities have done, is really nothing) I can’t help but laugh at what my dad said about Pee Wee when he got arrested. This was the summer before Dad died, so he was pretty sickly but he announced that Pee Wee got arrested for “Flogging his mule.” He was a funny feller.

Say a prayer for your Sista that I can remember the difference between DNA and RNA, polar and non-polar things and all that.