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Friday Funny Stuff

A few things I’ve seen the last 24 hours have made me laugh.

My boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, showed this on his show night before last (I think. I am usually 24 hours behind on that one). Please, please, please watch this. Short & Fat, that goes for you, too. I know you are anti-video watching on blogs, but, you must. Please.

Poor Stacy. We’re having such fun at her expense.

Secondly, Andy singing Take A Chance to Angela on The Office last night.

Then, just when I thought I couldn’t have a gut busting laugh yet again, Mike Armistead of the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, sprung this ern on me.

matt-terry.jpg Click to embrittney. 

This one nearly caused me to have a hernia, too.


Bigger Than Life Atticus

The Belcourt Theater is showing a series of Classic movies that families can enjoy together.  Tomorrow’s movie?  To Kill A Mockingbird.  What a cool opportunity to see Gregory Peck killmockingbird218.jpgon the big screen…in his beautiful, hunka hunka burning love, time, plus, the movie is one of the best ever.  A classic among classics, most definitely.

I Won’t Back Down

I feel like I can say with certainty that I did a lot better on my Lecture exam last night than I did on the Lab exam last week.  I don’t know what I made on last night’s test, however, I do know what I got on the Lab test.  How should I put it poetically….your Sista did not do so good.

All is not lost, according to my teacher. He said I do need to come to some open labs.  I do feel like I’m getting my sea legs a little more now though and kinda know how it works and really see that I have to put lots of time into this stuff.  I’m going to have to be obsessed with it. 

 If I could just stop getting upset everytime I go to the Math place.

I guess going to the Math place after my test last night and after getting my Lab test grade was not the best idea.  I get in there, get my headphones on, that geeky lady on the video started talking about decimals, and the tears hit.  (Don’t worry…nobody around me knew I was losing my mind. I’m really a pro at going nuts quietly).  I only stayed in there about 40 minutes and decided I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

Good thing is Fall Break is next week.  The Math place will be open and I’m planning on getting caught up to speed on the Math crap exercises.

Anybody who is really good at study skills who might have some study suggestions for me, have at it.  (I’m looking specifically at a certain Stanford graduate.)