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The Cold, Hard Facts of Life

Ironic that I wrote about Tater Tate and Brent Burkett dying from Lung Cancer the other day and mentioning that Porter was hospitalized when come to find out today that he is also fighting lung cancer.

And he’s another one of those that I can see, plain as day on their way to the Opry stage, with the ever-present ciggarette in their fingers.  Dang. 

Porter is still vital to country music, as you can <a href=”“>see on this clip from his recent appearance on David Letterman and from his new cd.

Keep praying for Porter.

Happy Fall, Y’all

scarecrow.jpg#2 looks like he’s about to be attacked by the Scarecrow.


We thought the white pumpkins looked like garlic.


I tried to talk the boy into getting one of those pumpkins with the tumors, that it would be kinda like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, a Charlie Brown Pumpkin. He wouldn’t go for it.

Now, the challenge will be listening to #2 ask everyday, “When can we carve the pumpkins?”  I keep telling him if we carve them too early, they’ll rot, especially since it’s so warm.  It’s funny that all three kids get a pumpkin every year.  Who ends up doing most of the carving?