fallbrook_fire.jpgMy cousin Bart and his wife, Barbara live near San Diego.  I’m going to let Cousin Barbara guest blog what’s going on in their world….Hard to imagine. She has pictures, too.

WE ARE ALL FINE!!!   Fires in the County started yesterday and by this morning they were everywhere.   We are abt 2 miles from the coast and we have not even a breeze but inland the are expecting hurricane like winds…up to 80 miles a hr.   They were expecting the winds to die down over the evening so they could gain ground on them and the winds kept blowing.   Jason was sent home from work as they expanded the evacuation area.   Brandi’s FI was sent home as there was too much smoke.   A major freeway in our area has been closed as the fire has jumped that freeway and everyone is told to stay off the highways and not go to work if you can.   We are probably abt 20 minutes North of the evacuation area but the way the winds blow it should stay away area but with those winds you never know.   Fire is heading West.     It shouldn’t come our way but if it does I will be heading to the beach…won’t be any where else to go.

It’s abt 1:00 pm and before this last group of evacuations there were over san_diego_fire.jpg250,000 people in the County evacuated and there are more areas of mandatory evacuations that have since been added.   Winds have been clocked at 102+.   We live on the North side of Highway 78 and the evacuation areas goes up to the South side of the Highway.   They predict it to burn to the coast (Coast South to us)

  Just went outside to put mail in mailbox and we are in the only section of blue patch of sky.   To the South of us   all the way to the coast is dark and covered in smoke and we also have a smoke section to the North of us.   Although there is no ash falling like the last time…probably because the air is so still where we are.   Very eerie!   You watch the news and the winds are so bad yet so still here.visitors.jpgThese are misplaced horses who have been bunking at a local ballfield, being misplaced because of the fire.     

Stay safe, Barbara.