Back in April, when I started what was then the “New” job, I had the great fortune to be the new person with another new person, who was also beginning his new gig the same day, Co-Worker Dave.  Dave sat next to me then and from that first day, he won me over as Coolest Co-Worker Evah.  I think it was his story of Dougie that sealed the deal.

I could babble on and on about all the things that made Dave such a great co-worker, but,  I won’t.  I’ll just say what I said to him that I was really grateful to have been able to start at the new job with him because that first day, I was scared to death of being somewhere new, after so long at the other place.  He helped make the transition for me a lot easier.  We clicked from day one. 

Dave’s  last day with us was yesterday.  He’s moving on to another, better position and I am glad for him.  He is a family man with a wife and child and another one on the way.  Another one on the way that I told him was coming before he knew it.  I’ll miss him a ton.

In honor of Dave’s leaving, I give him this….I don’t know if he’s ever heard it and I think I mighta tried to describe it to him, but, didn’t do so good.