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Over It

Don’t ask me how school is, k?  I’m about up to here (the top of my head) with the whole thing.  Not just that I took on too big a load with the classes I’m taking (that’s about to drive me totally insane).  I can deal with getting in over my head and biting the bullet. 

What I’m having a hard time dealing with is the Math office saying they have not gotten any homework from me.  One, they most certainly have, two…I’ve busted my rather ample behind trying to keep up with the homework.  I got a little behind, but, am now caught up. 

To hear a voice on the other end of the phone tell me when I inquired as to why my attendance for the Math class said “Never” when I checked my stuff online, was a little more than I could handle today.  If I weren’t fearful of setting a bad example for my kids, not to mention the money I plunked down to take this class,  then I would stop now.  I also realize it’s not like I’d be hurting anybody at Vol State’s feelings if I quit going.  It would hurt my feelings though.   They have my money in hand already.  I am starting to feel like I paid to have my self esteem lowered and blood pressure raised.  Everytime I go into that Math Lab, I feel the systolic and diastolic go up a few notches. 

I should probably go talk to the people up there and get it all straight but I know I would use profane language and make a fool of myself and they’d probably fail me for that.  I feel so ignorant about the way college stuff works and more than once have had a grade suffered because I misunderstood  something.

This stuff gets me all emotional and nuts.  I don’t know if it’s subconscious stuff from years ago or what.  This was an expensive way to be reminded that I’m really, really bad at formal learning.

On a lighter note…I find it interesting that the top thing that brings people to this website (I’m talking random Googlers out there) is people doing a search on Eddie Munster.  Maybe it’s cause it’s Halloween and all. 

They could make a great mask of me right now…all PMS-like, haggard, weary, bags under the eyes.  It would be a scary mask, fo sho.

There To Greet Me Is My Mama and Papa….

opry0705porterwagoner.jpg I look at this picture I took in the summer of 2005 and all I hear in my head is…”Hon’…you have to turn the thing on to take a picture.”  (Hence, the laughter from the Grascals.)