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My Talented Kin Peoples

I swear…I’m related to the most talented people.  We’ve got former college scholarshipped-to-big-name-schools-for-football people, I’ve got one cousin on Broadway in Phantom, I’m even kin to former society writer Catherine Darnell.  That’s not mentioning the Smith’s and O’Bryants and such…and the father, etc.

I had no idea this cousin of mine was one, even an artist, two, was so talented and three, sells his paintings for large amounts of dollars.  Go see Cousin Joey’s work.  Dang. Go say hi to him.

I’ve actually only met Joey (I bet nobody calls him that anymore) once.  In 1986, I went with my mom to California for her brother’s funeral.  Joey was maybe 5 or 6 then.   He was cute as a bug and so quiet.  I don’t think he said two words the whole time we were there until the day before we left. Joey and I had this conversation.  I remember it like it was yesterday:

Joey:  You talk funny.

Sista: Oh really? What do I sound like?
Joey: You sound like a cowboy.

Joey’s grandmother was my sometimes discussed here Aunt Tee Wee, my moms oldest sister, who died in 1977, before he was even born.  the_sullivan_girls.jpg

I wish I could afford to commission him to paint this picture of the Sisters.

sandra.jpgHappy Birthday to the formerly zaftig, but, now svelte sister. She is older than I.  Just wanted to make that clear.  Oh, there is a gift on the way, but, you are the organized one. It might make it in time for Easter.