This was the first Halloween since about 1991 that I didn’t have much involvement with it.  My involvement with the Halloween process this year consisted of taking some photos of #2 in his costume and of the pumpkins.  Mr. Smiff did all the pumpkin work (except the three I bought), he bought the candy and even bought festive, Halloween candles to go 1813027347_a8372d0002.jpginside the pumpkins!  The Manchild served up the candy and Mr. Smiff took #2 all over the neighborhood.  I didn’t hand out the first piece of candy to any kid. 

Where was I?  I was in the house doing Math. I worked on Math from about 6:00 until 12:15 this morning with a little A & P studying in between. 1813892760_294013ffd6.jpg

I really didn’t feel guilty about Mr. Smiff having to take over Halloween duty.  I’m quite appreciative that he stepped in this year and did the bulk of it.  Very much so. That sorta stuff is not his bag.  Not that he doesn’t enjoy spending time with #2.  I don’t know what the deal is.  It is tiring doing the Halloween trip though. 

 I’ve done my double duty of Halloween work through the years.  There’s been a number of years Mr. Smiff’s been gone on Halloween.  This was the days when all three Smiff kids 1813051653_57997c3f47.jpgtrick or treated.  I’d have to get one of the grandmothers to come hand out the candy (lots of T & T traffic in our neighborhood) and take all three of them out in the neighborhood.  

#2 had a fun evening though…collapsed from his sugar high while I worked on percentages til the clock struck November.

We’ll be going to Porter’s funeral later today.  I’ll report on that later on.