Found it.  It hurts like the dickens to wear it.  Almost as bad as when I first got it. Amazing how quick that stuff moves. I guess when you’ve been a certain way for 30 years, it’s kinda hard to change.

I spent ALL day yesterday awash in bones and muscles.  I hope it will help me get a decent grade on my Lab test Tuesday.  I want it known I have been to two, count ’em TWO, Open Labs this week. 

I think all this bone stuff is sinking in cause when I watched Jimmy Kimmel and Regis & Kelly’s Halloween shows last night, everytime they showed a skull, I didn’t think of it as a Halloween decoration.  I’m thinking “There’s the orbicularis oculi, maxilla, zygomatic, ” etc.  Skay-ree.

Mike reminded me the other day that I think it was Friday was 11 years since Eva Cassidy died.

Not live performance but you can hear her sing “Yesterday”. Whoa.