Two things I’ve learned this morning.  Not learned but have been reminded of….

1.  Always wear your seatbelt.  Always. 

2.  Always keep a CURRENT copy of your insurance card either with you or in your glove compartment. 

 If alls you got on you is an insurance card that expired in September, it’s not going to help much when say, one of Metro’s finest shows up and asks for your proof of insurance.  It is helpful to have a certain husband bring you the new one because it takes Said Metro’s Finest forever (an hour) to get to you because you were in a line of fender benders along I-65.  When I finally got to work, the co-workers asked “So which one were you in?”  I love to be part of the Cool Kids Club.

I never once saw one of those TDOT yellow trucks that rides around and assists people.  I see a hundred of them from my house to work everyday.  Tuesdays must be their days off.

At any rate, nobody was hurt…the damage to the Smiff Mobile was pretty minimal.  The poor kid that hit me from behind….well, his front end was smashed. The whole thing could’ve been way worse and it, for me, is an inconvenience more than anything.  I will say this….it was COLD on the Interstate this morning.  Dadgum. That wind was chilllleeeee.