The following is a very rare public service announcement from your Sista.

Next Thursday, November 15, is the Great American Smokeout.   Everybody knows what that is.  Something you may not be aware of is that, if you live in Tennessee, (and I bet other states have similar programs like this) you can get help if you are wanting to quit smoking, but, maybe don’t know how to go about it, feel like it’s impossible, etc. ennessee has it’s very own Quit Line where you can call and get a free Quit Kit. 

 Something else very cool in Tennessee is that if you do not have health insurance, alls you got to do is go to your local Health Department and say “I want to quit smoking.”  They will fix you up with some Chantix and get you on your way to quitting.  I think with the Health Department, what you pay is based on your income.   Check it out and if you have a “thing” about going to your local Health Department, don’t. We have some beautiful Health facilities in this state with some of the finest medical personnel you could hope for. 

I am a former smoker.  I quit Cold Turkey.  Mr. Smiff quit about a year ago as well.  Hopefully, we will never be smokers again.   With the recent deaths of Porter, Hank, Tater and others to Lung Cancer, it’s a reminder of the toll smoking takes on a person. 

 I see the toll smoking takes everyday when I see my next door neighbor, complete with oxygen tank and all, go outside and smoke everyday.  My mother’s mounting breathing problems and voice, which sounds more and more like a latter day Lucille Ball everytime I speak with her, is another reminder of why I don’t want to ever start smoking again.

It can be done.  Ask Mr. Smiff.  Nobody liked to smoke better than him. I’ve never seen anybody drag on a cigarette like he did.  Good grief.  He’d smoke them down past the butt.  I remember this one lady we knew when I was a kid…she smoked so hard, she’d inhale and it never came back out.  Seems to me she may have died of emphysema or something.  Shocking.