My phone rings a bit ago. It was a phone number with a 770 area code. (I think that’s Atlanta isn’t it?) Some Guy Smiley sounding guy says something about “You were involved in an accident on 11/2….”  I corrected him and said, “No, it was not on 11/2″.  Then he goes on and mumbles about the report being illegible.

He asked me how I was feeling…”You’re stiff and sore, huh?”  Uh. No not really.  “Was it a fender bender?”  Yeah.  “Well, we just want to make sure you’re feeling ok. Call us if you need us.”  And who are you?  He said he was with “Doctors Wellness Group” or something.

I had no idea that there were invisible Ambulance Chasers. I haven’t had a car accident (until the other day) since 1989.  I was just a little like the Coyote when the Roadrunner runs by him….say what?