I swear, I feel like I called in sick to work today to play hooky. It didn’t feel like a holiday.  The kids went to school, Mr. Smiff had a session.  I had grandiose plans of accomplishing something until I started feeling really sickly about midday.  Remind me not to take an iron pill on an empty stomach again. 

Oh and wouldn’t you know, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow.  THAT doctor.  You’d think after having three children, that yearly visit would not cause me an ounce of anxiety before going.  It’s not like it takes a long time.  You go in and play Scoot Up The Table, the doc does their thing, including trying to make small talk about the weather during the breasteses part.  I always avoid eye contact. ( Inside I do like Loretty did in Coal Miner’s Daughter,  remember when she went to the doctor and covered her head?)

There is nothing, NOTHING,  more un-ladylike than scooting up a table to reach the stirrups.  Every year I try to gauge it just right sos I don’t have to do the Stirrup Scoot Boogie.  One of these times I’m going to hit it perfectly.

Now, I’m a wee nervous because I’m going to a new doctor this time.  A guy doctor.  A guy doctor that I hear is quite handsome.  I’ve always gone to female OB/Gyn’s.  I don’t know if I’d rather have an ugly guy gynecologist or a really good looking one.   I’ve been to one male Ob/Gyn and that was the guy that delivered #2.  Good looking he was not.

 Ginger claims this guy is worth going to my old stomping grounds to see.  This doctor is in the same building as my dentist I went to as a kid is in.  I wonder if the dentist is still there? 

If this doctor comes in the room and is drop-dead beautiful, I may have to go back to my dumpy, homely lady gynecologist who last year, said “You need an iron supplement” but didn’t bother to stop and consider the reason I was so anemic just might have been female problemish.  My favorite thing she said to me was the time I asked her if she had any idea why the bottom fell out every month with me and she looked me in the eye and said “I don’t know.  You’re in your late 30’s now. That happens.”  Mmmk.  I’ve put off going to another doctor cause it’s all such a pain.  Ginger loves this guy.  If he’s a jerk or gives me flippant answers like the other one did or worse, if he looks like this mcdreamy.jpg it’s all Ginger’s fault.

I hope I remember to shave my legs.   It is Official Off-Season for regular leg shaving.  Isn’t it?