I’ve never been off on Veteran’s Day until this year.  One of those nice perks of working for the Gubment.

I always like to give a nod to one of my favorite veterans on days like this and that’s my Uncle Fred.  We call him “Nootsie” (don’t ask me why) and I think I could probably speak for all of the numerous Sullivans and say how proud we are of him and to be able to claim kinship to him.  Fred is 85 nootsie.jpgyears young and lives in Arkansas.  He’s not big in stature, but, he’s tough as nails.  He served in WWII in Germany, and he received the Purple Heart for his injuries.  Life has handed my Uncle Fred many ups and in recent years, many difficult things.  He’s a great man.

Another one of my favorite Veterans, who is a walking, talking piece of living history in the form of Frank Mullinax.  I’m related to Frank through marriage, as he was married to my cousin Libba for many decades until she passed away about a year ago.  Frank is perhaps the hippest, coolest 89 year old I know.  He’s actually one of the coolest guys I know at any age. 

Frank was a Captain  in the Air Force in WWII.  He was a POW for a very long time.  He was captured by Germans and held for, I don’t the exact time, but, it was in terms of years as opposed to weeks or frank-mullinax.jpgmonths.  His escape is something movies are made of. 

I’m so glad Frank participated in the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project, telling his story for us and future generations.  It’s quite a story.  If you have time to go listen to it, please do.  His recall of his capture and the events leading up to it and the details of his time as a POW, is amazing. 

Frank and Fred are representative of so many veterans out there.  2 boys, one from Watertown, TN and the other from Alexandria, LA, became bonafide war heroes.  Great men, both of them.