Dr. McDreamy IS cute.  I told him I’d never had a doctor sit me down in their office and actually talk to me beforehand and he said “It’s kinda awkward to meet somebody for the first time when you’re naked.”  The thing he said that I appreciated the most though was medicalcenter-tcm.jpg“How can I take care of you without knowing something about you first?”  Good answer, McDreamy.

McB thinks I have fibroids.  I was not surprised to hear that.  I was expecting something like that.  I was so pleased to have a doctor say “Let’s find out why you’re so anemic and have been so uncomfortable for so long” (he didn’t say it like that but I’m trying to be sensitive to my male readers out there, like my pastor friend Matt (did I tell y’all Matt is most likely going to be our new full-time pastor???)rather than shrugging his shoulders at me and ooze with apathy. 

Next step is an ultrasound in a couple weeks and he’s already talking about doing that Ablation procedure.

Oh and Ginger live blogged my visit to McB for your reading pleasure.  Thanks for the recommendation, Ging.