I spent all afternoon in the car.  In the rain.  In the lightning. Thunder. And very heavy rain. The Cruisin’ commenced at 12:30 and stopped at 6:00.  It involved picking up rental cars, (notice that’s plural), getting a kid checked for Strep, trying to fetch another one because the power went out at the high school during the storm, making two different pots of Chili, one for the Smiffs and the other one for work (this one’s White though).  I’m tarred.

#2 does have Strep.  Because it was storming and I was hoping to get him swabbed and home quick (Ha) I went to Sun Express Medical Walk In in Hendersonville and the PA on duty said that you can get certain antibiotics at Publix for FREE.  I like me some free.  I don’t know if this is just a Hendersonville store, all the time or what. 

I’m driving a rather nice Chevy Malibu that I wish the insurance company would say “Sista…you are so swell, why don’t you just keep this swell car, just cause we like you.” That would be something.

I’m watching my fantasy family on Larry King and I keep wondering why they called their paternal relative, not “Dad”, “Daddy”, “Pop”, by his first name, but, instead they referred to him very formally as “Father?”  Is that a Mormon thing?Everytime one of them says that, as much as I love them Osmonds, I want to scream at them to stop that.

I called my own paternal relation “Dad” and “Daddy” when I was younger.  I never called him by his first name to his face.   You know how in “On Golden Pond”, Jane Fonda’s character called Henry’s character, “Norman?”  I don’t know that I know anybody personally who calls their parents by their first names.

Something wild…if you think you’re stressed out, this lady I work with…her mother died last weekend.  She had been going downhill recently but the kicker is, her brother had been diagnosed with Leukemia a couple weeks ago THEN had a massive heart attack and died hours after the mother.

I’m starting to think Marie Osmond was dipping into the sauce before she went on with Larry King.