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Squeezin’ No More

His real name was Dick Wilson and he had a rather long, busy career in Hollywood in television and movies.  We all knew him best as Mr. Whipple. 33874119.jpg  Dick Wilson died yesterday at the ripe old age of 91.

There have been lots of catch phrases through the years, thanks to television, but, have any other slogans hung around as long as “Don’t Squeeze My Charmin?”  Even Charlie Walker had a hit record about it.


Why Surprise Parties May Not Be So Good

I got something in my mail that informed me I’d be able to retire on February 10, 2032 or something ridiculous like that.  I’m already planning my retirement party.  I have a funny history with retirement gatherings.

My Shishter told me about a recent retirement party held at my former workplace recently that nearly caused me to wet my pants.  Not because of what happened to the recipient, but, because my Shishter and me are notorious for laughing at inappropriate times.

Because my Shishter witnessed said retirement party incident, I am going to have her guest-blog it for your reading pleasure.

We had planned a surprise retirement party for her. The whole division(150+ employees) knew about it, so we really assumed that she would have at least heard a few rumors about the “surprise” party. The day of the party, everyone crams into a tee-tiny room and we wait for her. she comes in. We  say surprise. her face turns red and her hand flys up over her mouth. Her face keeps getting redder and redder. They get to her to speak and she seems very emotional. She says a few words and then says that she needs to sit down. I left right after this, so I can’t give any other details about her.  She was supposed to have come in and worked one last day. She wasn’t there. Girl, she had a mild heart attack during the party! She’s fine now, but after the party, she went to St Thomas to get checked out. Yep, a mild heart attack. I bet we don’t have a “surprise” party for anyone anymore. They’ll probably write a new policy……right after the one about open-toes shoes and capri pants!

I do hate that I missed this party.  Dang. I’m glad the lady she’s speaking of is ok.  She’s a sweet little person.