If somebody were to ask me to name the saddest movie I’ve seen, I would probably have to say Muriel’s Wedding is way up there.  It doesn’t make me boo hoo out loud like the scene in Steel Magnolias where M’Lynn is standing at Shelby’s casket screaming that she’s “FINE” and that she could jog all the way to Texas and back, etc.  Muriel doesn’t do me that way.  

 mean, after M’Lynn goes on her tirade and Clairee offers up Ouiser as a punching bag, everybody laughs through their tears and they all go  on with their lives and then they have the Easter Egg hunt where Jackson, Jr. slaps Ouiser and we all laugh, funny ha-ha and then Annelle goes into labor right there and Truvy’s son has to haul Sammy in his bunny suit on the back of his motorcycle to the hospital and we’re all happy that even though Shelby’s dead, life goes on.

Muriel’s Wedding is almost too real, y’know? You get over the Austrailian accents pretty quick into the movie.  I think it’s the great casting. Toni Collette is something else and that Rachel Griffiths is, too.  The woman that plays Muriel’s mother is phenomenal.

I re-watched Tender Mercies the other day and that thing makes me sad, too. I think it’s how windy it is and that pitiful little motel where Robert Duvall and Tess Harper lived.  De-press-ing.