Why is it that even on a day off, I wake up at 5:00?  That sorta makes me mad. 

All the news channels are talking about “Black Friday” and all the shopping frenzy.  I think instead of Black Friday they should call it “Idiot Friday.”  Maybe if I was a shopper-type I’d get it.  Sleeping all night outside a Best Buy in freezing weather is just crazy.  So you’re going to buy a computer for $199.  Even so, there’s something about that that I don’t get. 

Over  bypass and down I-65 to Grandmother’s house we went yesterday.  Thanksgiving was nice.  The first year since 1998, when I made the poor choice of having wisdom teeth cut out the week before Thanksgiving, that I have not eaten myself into oblivion.  The medicine I take makes food taste odd to me.  I ate but not like I usually do, which really is not such a bad thing. 

We did our usual thing at Hazel’s with Mr. Smiff’s brother’s family, my mother came (after Hazel called her and insisted she come, which I’m glad she did, even though she didn’t feel her best, it was good for her that she came) Chet Flippo and Martha Hume joined us again this year.  Opry Dan came as did Robert Hicks.

The usual tales of country music folk flew.  Lots of talk about Porter this year.  Funny how so often the same tales are told around the table but they’re just thanksgiving2007.jpgas lively as ever.  Mr. Smiff did not retell the Jeanne Pruett fainting on the Opry stage story though.  He got engrossed either in football or a nap. 

I can’t decide if I want to go back to bed or cavort with the many piles of laundry awaiting to be done. Oh the choices.

Oh and we have a new bumper on the SUV.  It looks nice.  Y’know, I’m really, really grateful that nobody involved in my little accident a few weeks ago was hurt, but, really…I enjoyed driving the rental car for a week.  The car looks new. I’m glad I didn’t have to pay the bill for that new bumper…$900 and some odd dollahs.