Mr. Smiff and Them taped one of those Gaither videos today.  I hope they got Mr. Smiff in the crowd a’singin’ and a’cryin’ and a’raisin’ his hands in the Spirit. I texted him through the day and said stupid stuff like “Tell Vestal I said hey”. We love us some Gaither videos, fo sho.

I was so hoping Ship Ahoy would be there.  “Ship Ahoy” is actually a fantastic singer named Larry Ford.  He has long been one of our favorites on those Gaither things.  We had this video collection of clips from the old “Jubilee” television show from the early 70’s where he did a song called “Ship Ahoy” in his lovely, Irish tenor-like voice.  Because we are so funny (we think we are, anyway) we named him that. I hope if Mr. Smiff ever does run into him, he doesn’t address him as “Mr. Ahoy”. Dude can flat belt out a song, now.  I’m telling ya, he’s amazing.

Oh and I have a Mr. Smiff story for you but I will have to wait to get his permission before I tell it.  One of those things that was just meant to be blogged, ya know?