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The Faces of #2

trevor-draws.jpgUnless you’ve been around #2, you won’t recognize the way his mouth is in this picture.  He’s drawing and when he does things like draw or anything he’s concentrated on, he hums.  He’s humming here. He hums a lot.  I don’t really notice it.  His brother and sister do though.

trevor-by-sandra.jpgThis is the same face he made yesterday when we were coming down Music Row and he said “Are we going to pass the Naked Statue?”  I said we were and he said, “Go slow I want a good look.” 

trevor-cute.jpgThe only thing missing here is the halo.  He is the greatest kid.

**Pictures courtesy of #2’s Very Thin Aunt.


Faux Pas Of The Day

We had a little tree trimmin’ party at work, right?  They start singing the Christmas carols.  This older lady who works here starts singing.  I knew she was a pianist and stuff at her church.  I thought she was teasing like I do when I throw in massive vibrato for comic effect.

I patted her and said “Come on sing in your for real voice!”  Um.  That was her for real voice.

I’m on a roll this week.  This older lady at my church passed away.  She has the same last name as another family.  I thought it was the other family whose mother died.  I told her daughter how sorry I was.  Thanks, but, she isn’t dead yet. 

That’s not near as embarassing as the time I told the guy at the video store I saw his daughter a few days before.  He looked at me with the weirdest look on his face and said “My daughter died in January.”  This was July. 


I opened up my email and guess what?  Give up?

My Papa John’s offer has arrived!!  Woo hoo. 

Christmas Time’s A’Comin’

My Manchild is so funny.  He truly is a Man-Child.  You’ve got this big ol’ boy (who has grown almost as tall as Mr. Smiff in the last month) whose wardrobe consists of black t-shirts, usually with skulls on them, yet Christmas turns him into a 6 year old again.

He said to me last night that he wants the Christmas tree up. I told #2 that and he said “So…I hear you’re ready for the Christmas tree to be up.”  The Manchild corrected him and said “NO! Not until tomorrow.  I don’t want the tree up in November.”

Kinda like Lucy from the Peanuts who only eats January snow instead of December snow.


If time will permit, later in the month, I may do the Tacky Christmas Lights Tour.