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Good Ness

sharon-and-gov.jpgWho is that rather hot young thing with that elderly feller?  Why…that’s your Sista and Governor Jimmie Davis.  There I sat…next to the man who wrote “You Are My Sunshine” AND was Governor of the Gret Stet of Louisiana. 

Do take note of how black my hair was. If you look closely, you’ll see a blonde line on the side.  That was back when I was living on the Edge you know.  My hair was as black  as my outfit.  This picture was taken about a week or so before I went out on my first date with Mr. Smiff in June of 1989 backstage at the Opry.

Unbelievable that I ever was that young and reminds me of lots of famous people I’ve run across and not even bothered to really ponder it.  I pondered this one, I think. 

Out of the Shell

Last night, me, the Holy Tara and Mr. Smiff were practicing “What Child Is This” that we’re going to sing in a couple Sundays.  I can’t tell you how proud it makes us for the Holy Tara to step out and do this. We’re singing a couple other times at the church during Christmas, including this Sunday evening and on Christmas Eve.  The HT has a beautiful voice and she’s really finding it.  She has struggled with shyness most of her life.  This is a HUGE step for her.

When the HT was about 4, she suddenly stopped speaking when she was in public.  If she was at Mother’s Day Out, Sunday School, or anywhere we weren’t around, she would not talk.  At home, she’d talk 100 miles an hour but other places, nothing.  This kept on and kept on.  I didn’t know what we were possibly dealing with.  Was she a Selective Mute? What was the deal?  We went to a child psychologist even who evaluated her, observed her at Mother’s Day Out….she came up with nothing.  This went on for a year or two.

When I took the HT for her Kindergarten checkup, she failed the eye exam.  I took her to a pediatric opthamologist to have her eyes tested.  He sat her in a chair on one end of the room and had her look at a tv on the other end of the room.  He put these lenses in front of her eyes and changed them out.  Then, he put drops in her eyes and we went to the waiting room for a bit.

I will never forget her saying to me in the waiting room, “Mommy…I wish I had some of those things the doctor was using to watch tv with.”  Poor thing couldn’t see.  That was why she didn’t talk away from us.  She was not one to squint but I had noticed she sat practically on top of the tv to watch it.  I had mentioned this to her pediatrician but he was like “Eh…she’ll get her eyes checked later.”  I even asked the Psychologist if she thought it could be eyes.  No, of course not. She is extremely nearsighted.  She’s worn contacts for so long now I forget she wears them.

 This was when I started to realize my motherly instincts were correct a lot of the time and to trust them.  They aren’t always 100% but a lot of times they are right on. 

If I can find somebody with a digital video camera that can tape it for us, I’ll be able to put it up here.  I’m really excited to do this with my family.  The Manchild is going to play guitar with us as well.  Very exciting.  It’s about a lot more than just singing the songs.  We’re proud of the girl, for sure.

So Much Fun-ukah

It’s time for Chanukah

 Favorite line…Some people think that Ebenezer Scrooge is…he’s not but guess who is…all Three Stooges.