Your Sista does not have any sorts of female-type tumors or masses.  This causes me to shout Hallelujah.  When you’ve got cancer flying through the gene pool, that’s something that’s always in the back of your mind.  I don’t walk around everyday scared of it but it’s there somewhere.

I confessed to the Mr. why I was a little nervous about the whole thing….I’ve had some “issews” for a good while.  A couple months ago, I dreamed about Mary, my cousin’s sweet wife who lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer in August.  I know it’s probably silly, but, that just spooked me. I didn’t think I had something wrong as serious as that, but, tests always make me nervous.

Anyway, no fibroids or nothing, but, I am having Endometrial Ablation done, hopefully, next month. 

I have an ultrasound picture of my, uh, parts.  I think I might make that the Smiff Christmas Card this year.

McDreamy said to tell y’all hey.