I have several thoughts swimming around in my Attention Deficited head this evening.  They are as follows:

You know that show that Jim Belushi is on? According to Jim or something like that?  Well….according to your Sista, that has got to be the worst show on television today.  I accidentally watched it tonight and I am simply amazed that show has been on the air as long as it has.  Jim Belushi and courtney.jpgthat actress that looks like she was separated atcaroline.jpg birth from Caroline Kennedy (If Caroline wasn’t like the other Kennedy Women and actually, like,  fixed herself up)  have got to have the worst chemistry I have ever seen.  I think the people who watch this show have got to be the same people who buy Rascal Flatts recordings.  The same people I can blame for the horrible state of Country Music today.  Nothing scientific about it, I just think that could be what’s happening here.

Something I saw on tv the other night that I haven’t watched in ages is Johnny Bravo.  The Johnny Bravo Xmas Special.  Now that right there is good tv, friends and neighbors.  Perhaps one of the funniest things I’ve seen on tv lately besides The Office.  I don’t even think it’s new this year but I laughed a whole lot when I saw that. This isn’t that, but, dadgum, Johnny Bravo and Donny are just funny.

Every Christmas, I seem to discover a Christmas song that has been around forever, but, for whatever reason, this is the year I really paid attention to it because it suddenly seems to be everywhere.  You know, a couple years back, every single time you turned something on, somebody was “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”  Everybody and their cousin was singing that.  I bet there was a version by Alvin and the Chipmunks.  It was everywhere. 

This year, I seem to be hearing a plethora of recordings of “Everybody’s Waiting For The Man With The Bag.”  I mean, that song has been around since 1950.  Is it just me or is it on every commercial and just plain everywhere this year?  I dig kay-starr.jpgit.  I think I like Kay Starr’s version the best.  There’s also a big part of me that wishes Kay’s hairdo would come back in.  My mom had hair sorta like that when I was little and she’d tease that hair up to heaven.  I would like to see myself once with that hairdo. Yeah….that is weird.

I have bought one Christmas present.  One. 

And just how is School?  Doesn’t appear I will finish the Math.  The good thing is I can pick up where I left off next semester.  I haven’t failed.  I also found out, thanks to an adviser yesterday who was just like Lesley (I mean, looked like her, sounded like her) that I was poorly advised and should not have taken the A & P to begin with. She named all these other classes I should have taken first. 

Trying to get this Christmas letter done.  I’m such a slacker this year. I’ve enlisted other Smiffs to help with it.  My teens are both good writers so they’ll be adding their few cents worth. Blogging has ruined my Christmas letter.

I had to go buy batteries for the dvd remote cause Love Actually came in from Netflix today. I had to get batteries to fast forward to the parts where those people are a’doin’ it there for all to see.  Last year, I was watching it and timed it wrong and my kids happened to walk in at just the right moment.   It was kindly awkward.  I love that movie and I love Martin Freeman but that whole part of the plot is kinda not necessary. I mean, if you’re going to have nekkid people runnin’ all over the place (that’s a quote from Ouiser)….I have no point with that. I just felt channeled by Ouiser, as I’m known to be at times.

I’m done babbling now.