So…Alison…when are you going to do a Christmas album? I did ask.  She said she doesn’t know. I told her my belief that if she did do such a recording, it would most likely immediately end up becoming one of those classic Christmas recordings like The Carpenters and stuff. 

I’m amazed that Alison remembers when we first met.  1991…I was working for her attorney.  We were both but young girls then.  She looks a lot different now than she did then.  She lost a bunch of weight whilst I found it.  I like Alison both musically and as a person.  Not that we’re like THIS but anytime I’ve ever been around her, she is so real and so un-showbidness-like.  She is very tall and very thin. 

The Manchild wanted to meet her cause she knows Robert Plant.  I thought it was cool when Alison told the Manchild that her brother had gone to see the Led Zeppelin show in London the night before.  Because the Manchild is not one to show much emotion, she probably couldn’t tell that he was pretty dadgum impressed.

All I can think of when I look at this picture is how badly I need a haircut and that I wish I’d have put more lipstick on. My gray roots are showing so badly that my pal, former co-worker Dave said to me today “Your hair looks good.  Nice gray highlights.”  Bleh.