It is very unfortunate, to me, that Ike Turner will mostly be remembered for discovering Tina Turner and for being a wife-beater. Course, the latter, he brought on himself and that’s too bad. Lots of music historians consider Ike’s recording of “Rocket 88” to be the first Rock and Roll recording. Just listen…amazing stuff.

Something else amazing and wonderful is “Fallen Angel”…a documentary about the life, music and death of Gram Parsons.

I have long been a fan of Gram Parsons, thanks to his protege’, Emmylou Harris’ mission to see his vision of blending hard-core country music with rock and roll. I was even a member of The Gram Parsons Memorial Foundation when I was about 17. I remember I used to see and chat a lot with this cat named Argyle Bell who was one of those Music Row characters that trekked around 16th and 17th Avenues and he was big into Gram. This movie (you can get it from Netflix) is so interesting. Gram’s life was like a movie come to life and I can’t believe that they haven’t made a movie of his life. I’ve heard rumblings through the years that this one or that one wanted to make a movie about him.

Gram’s life, as short as it was, was really, really sad. He was born into extreme wealth and priviledge (his mother was heiress to the Snively Citrus fortune) but good grief…both of his parents (I never knew his father was from Columbia, TN) were very sad alcoholics who died young.

Gram himself….well…he was a maniac. A beautiful maniac who had an incredible gram.jpgvision. His rather bizarre death, or rather, the way things unfolded after he died….you can read the whole beee-zar tale here.

The interesting thing in the documentary is hearing Gram’s sisters tell their perspective of the cremation in Joshua Tree and how it affected them. I never thought about it that way. I always kinda thought it was cool how Phil stole the casket from the airport and took off for Joshua Tree and set his pal’s corpse ablaze. It wasn’t quite so cool for Gram’s sister, who was a kid and had a hard enough time wrapping her head around her big brother’s death and then the weirdness that ensued.

Find you a copy of this. Good watching.