There was a second part to the Alison Krauss thing the other day that I have to tell.  It was wonderful.

Our friend Holly, that we sing with some, is an incredibly talented high school junior who ADORES Alison.  When I found out Alison was taping at Hazel’s, I immediately tried to conspire to get Holly there to meet her.  I wanted to surprise her…like kidnap her and her be saying “Where are we going?” And then walk her in the house and voila! Alison Krauss.  That’s what we were going to do til I realized I told them the wrong day and it was not Friday but Tuesday.  Holly had a trip with her school’s show choir this last week to perform at the Biltmore. Her mom suggested we get her mandolin and have Alison sign it, which we did.

Thursday night, Holly was about to perform in the school’s Christmas concert so I took her mandolin to her.  First, she looked a little befuddled…”What is SHE doing here?”  (She didn’t say that but I know she was thinking it). 

I have to point out that Holly is a very poised and mature young lady.  She is quite reserved (when I’m around her) and I’ve never seen her act like a lot of teenaged girls do….kinda like the Holy Tara….all giggly and stuff. 

So, I go with Holly’s parents to find her and she came out and I said “Holly…I found your mandolin.  You better check it and make sure it’s ok.”  Again….the “????” look from Holly.  She took it out of the case and she was looking at the signature but Alison….well….let’s just say it’s a good thing she can sing.  Great at penmanship, she is not.   Holly couldn’t tell what it was at first.

Then, I pointed out the only really legible thing in the signature, which was the A.  This was Holly’s response:


She was so cute.  “You mean…..she TOUCHED MY mandolin?”  (Her mandolin’s name is “Amanda”…as in “A Mandolin.”)  I’ve gotten autographs for people before and stuff like this but to see somebody that joyful and surprised….much fun.