The poor Holy Tara is sickly with some heinous sort of Crud. The doctor thought she was going to be his first, official Flu case of the season, but, the test said no. (I think he should’ve taken blood instead of nasal swab because I don’t think they got all the specimen they needed but who am I to say?) She’s all achy, congested something terrible and just really feeling po’ly.

Because I was home this morning, I took the Manchild to school. We had to take a detour because the entrance to the Vietnam Veterans bypass was closed cause a trash truck was on fire. We went through Stop Thirty Rd. and I tell you what…this morning was my most favorite kind of morning of all (except the trash truck on fire and sick kid). It was so cold and the ground was covered in frost…those long sorta clouds with some early morning sun peeking through…it was just beautiful. To quote that brilliant philosopher, Buddy The Elf, it was like a Christmas card, it was such a beautiful morning. You could almost hear sleigh¬† bells in the background.¬† currier ives american winter scene a country cabin
There’s a horse farm on Stop Thirty and there were horses running through the field…further down the Bypass towards Big Station Camp Creek Rd. there is another farm with all these cows and they were all out in the field and there was one little baby calf trailing the rest…the cute farmhouse had smoke coming out of the chimney….it made me wish I had a farm. It was almost like this …’cept with heavy frost and no snow. It was just beautiful.