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Extra Crispy

The Grascals have a new and improved website…praise the Lord and shout halleluyer.

Santa Babies


Is this cute or what?  These are my little cousins Evan and Isabella.  They don’t belong to the same people.  Evan belongs to Sarah (I can’t remember her husband’s name!) and Joel in California and he would be Mom’s great-great nephew.  

Isabella belongs to Katie and Travis in Oklahoma and would be my Dad’s great-great niece.  Isabella’s mom is a blogger. Go see her. Say hey to her and tell her your Sista sent you.

Both little ones, I think, were born within a week or so of each other.  Too cute.

Poor Widdle Gurl

It’s been awhile since we’ve had to walk the floor late at night with a sick baby, but, me and Mr. Smiff did last night.  Poor Holy Tara is a sick girl.  She’s allergic to the cough stuff they gave her with Hydrocodone in it.  She hurt from top to bottom and just cried everytime she coughed.  We were pretty helpless feeling.  Even had a midnight call to the doctor.

Funny how when they’re sick, even cool, sophisticated, 14 year old girls want their moms.  I hope the rest of the crew doesn’t get it.  I had a flu shot (thank goodness).  Go get you one if you haven’t had one.  This is brutal.