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What Was The Name of the Lone Ranger’s Nephew’s Horse?

pbilling2-sm.jpgI’m amazed at the people who still do not know this wonderful bit of trivia.  Because I am the Queen of Unimportant Facts You Need To Know, it is my Christian duty to let you in on a little secret (unless you already know it)….Ralphie, aka Peter Billingsley, is also in another Christmas movie favorite, however, his role is uncredited.  Once you know this fabulous tidbit, you will look at it and go “Of course it is!”  Give up?

elf_d95-18f.jpgThe Head Elf in “Elf” is none other than our own Ralphie.  I think that’s one of my favorite, unimportant facts ever.  That and the fact that Peter is related by marriage to this iconic figure…barbara.jpg

And also that Peter’s great-uncle was the proprietor of a little club in New York called the Stork Club.

Just a little useless, mindless, fun facts for you this Christmas Eve.

Joy To The World

 Santa showed up a little early for the Manchild at his cool.jpgGrandma’s house.