Because I’m a reflector and my middle name should be “Nostalgia”, there are some favorite scenes from Christmases past and present.  Some of these moments I was present for, others I was a twinkle in somebody’s eye but these are some of my favorite Christmas images.

christmas_1998.jpgChristmas 1998-look at my babies.

christmas-99.jpgThen in 1999….

I was 19 years away from being born at this Christmas, but I LOVE this picture of my cousins Doug and Brian, Christmas 1950.brian___doug_collie.jpg

christmas_at_the_collie_s.jpgA Collie Classic here….this would’ve been, probably Christmas 1972.  Look at Mom’s hair….heh.  You can tell she hadn’t yet had her first cigarette and cup of coffee yet.

i_have_to_share_this_one_.jpgMy cousin, Anne at Christmas, 1952.  (These cousin pictures are first cousins. Most of them are old enough to be my parents).  This picture has always made me think Natalie Wood & Edmund Gwenn.  I love it.

look_what_santa_brought_.jpgChristmas, 1996.  The first Christmas we lived in our house.  This picture of the Manchild makes me want to cry.  This picture makes me  hear his lisp and inability to pronounce his “r’s”. He’d say “Fain” for “train”…we didn’t want him to say the word “truck.”

christmas_1975.jpgChristmas 1975-my Uncle Jack.  He had a 2 million dollar smile.    (Dig that tree!)

sharon___kids.jpgChristmas 2004 at Cousin Terry’s…and another from that same evening when we sent Christmas welcome_home.jpggreetings to Terry’s stepson who was in Iraq.

proud_grandmother.jpgChristmas 1996…my nephew was brand-new.  One of my favorite pictures, ever of the Holy Tara.

100_8115.jpgChristmas, 2006-Party at the Mothership when Ivy sang that Chris Ledoux song.

channel-5.jpgWho remembers this? (Pretty much exclusive to Nashvillians) Another Nashville Christmas memory, that I never experienced, but, would’ve LOVED to is the Nativity that was at Centennial Park from 1953-1967.